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Timber: our favourite
for private families

We believe that the combination of steady returns with low volatility and virtually no correlation to equities should make timber a perfect fit for private family offices, with the only downside being (understandable) illiquidity. Of course not all timber deals are created equal. Click here to see what we look for, then get in touch,

How to make a good investment better

As they say in chess, when you see a good move, look for a better one. And when we see a good deal, we constantly look to improve it by removing risk through complex hedgings strategies. Often we end up with a protected investment, sometimes even a net positive arbitrage. Click here to see what we mean, then get in touch.




Secrets of successful fundraising

Why do most placement agents and third party marketers struggle to get traction for their clients? Why do most prospective investors hate being cold called, whilst they struggle to find investments that fit their mandates? What does Magpar do different, and why does it work? Click here for a clue, then get in touch.

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